Grand Avenue Bali


For your honeymoon temptation and desire, we design our villas for your honeymoon needs.

One-bedroom pool villa (DBL/Queen Size)

If you are looking for a private, adult only relaxing Villa for a memorable honeymoon of a lifetime, then look no further; the Pool Villa is exactly what you need. This Villa is huge with an enormous swimming pool amidst the peaceful tranquility of verdant garden.

One-bedroom suite pool villa (DBL/King Size)

You can catch the rays of the sun from your beautiful view in our one bedroom pool Villa. Spend the day relaxing in the idyllic allure of our suite pool villa, take pleasure in the good company of your loving spouse and escape the hustle of life. Replete with stylish and beautiful decor, it is ideal for couple desiring an amazing honeymoon trip.

Two-bedroom pool villa (DBL/King Size + TWN)

You can do a lot of fun activities in this exquisite two bedroom pool Villa. You will be amazed by our top notch quality service and you will be hypnotized with our facilities that you wouldn’t want to check out again. There are no words to describe our magnificent two bedroom pool Villa. It is a truly a wonder as we are all about providing an outstanding experience to every visitor.

Three-Bedroom Private Pool Villa

The three bedroom pool Villa is immaculate and magnificent as you wake up to the sound of rushing water from the pool and chirping birds while you walk along the leaves and beautiful flowers. Your spouse will be absolutely thrilled that you booked this suite. It features a plumage pool with an amazing scenery. The rooms have such a beautiful views, large bathrooms and spacious rooms.

Four-Bedroom Private Pool Villas

This is definitely one of the best pool Villa you have ever been to. It is a special place meant for special couples. Words cannot qualify this first class pool Villa, but we get a lot of “wow” and “amazing”. Someone described it as part of the Seven Wonders of the World…the ambiance, landscape, view and facilities are of the highest order.